Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary – in Entropy Magazine


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barad gularan

“A little after I joined my first guild, I met Mary. In game, Mary was a blonde female human, but in real life he was an adult male living somewhere in Britain. We met while doing a group quest, or was it while waiting at a camp for more players to join the group- I don’t remember exactly.”

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary is a 100% true story from the virtual worlds, now out in the awesome new magazine Entropy, a wild and heady mix of the literary and the avant garde as well as the film, game, and comics-related.

Thank you so much to the editors for listening to my tale of autobiographical fiction and not mind my totally unreliable narrator.

Check out all the cool articles they have up already!

Something tells me I will contribute more to this magazine.

(Image: Barad Gúlaran, Nan Gurth, Angmar.)

Climate change is simple: We do something or we’re screwed [my TEDx video]

Berit Ellingsen:

A great article and talk about what climate change is, why it’s happening, and what the temperature changes will mean.
Via Grist and Dr. David Roberts.

Originally posted on Grist:

Back in April, The Evergreen State College invited me to speak at a TEDx event called “ Hello Climate Change: Rethinking the Unthinkable .” Videos from the event are now online .

My talk was called “Climate change is simple.” I’m proud to say that I used only 17 of my allotted 15 minutes.

I’ve put an annotated version of my slideshow beneath the video, linking to sources and adding thoughts. The only thing I’ll say about the video itself is that I’ve always thought these things would be better with a soundtrack. If anybody out there on the web wants to make a mashup with it, add some good beats, be my guest.

[UPDATE: Hey, someone pumped up the talk with music and visuals, just like I hoped! Go check it out.]

Okay, let’s walk through the slideshow, one or two at a time.

View original 1,750 more words

Review of Transactions of the Flesh

summer dusk winter moon

A review of the JK Huysmans tribute anthology Transactions of the Flesh, with a favorable mention of Summer Dusk, Winter Moon:

“Other treats here include Berit Ellingsen’s northern mythic ‘Summer Dusk, Winter Moon…’”

More information about the anthology and how to order the beautiful hardcover edition here.

(Image: “Not Quite Full” by Marialena Carr, used by kind permission.)

Grains of Sand – first excerpt from Landscapes, Fragments


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Grains of Sand, an excerpt from my new novel tentatively called Landscapes, Fragments, has been published in Blue Fifth Review.

Thank you so much to editors (and writer and world traveler) Michelle Elvy and (writer and cineaste) Sam Rasnake for inviting me to submit to Blue Fifth Review’s Landscapes Issue.

This is the first excerpt from Landscapes, Fragments to be published.

Check also out the other beautiful fragments in this issue of Blue Fifth Review!

(Image: Source Unknown)

French review of Une Ville Vide


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“Étrange impression, difficile à communiquer, mais qui mérite en tout cas de se poser pour en découvrir tous les contours…”

The French book blogger Tulisquoi has reviewed Une Ville Vide (The French edition of The Empty City), and it’s an accurate and eloquent review.

Merci beaucoup! Thank you so much for reading Une Ville Vide and writing such a beautiful review!

(Image by Tulisquoi, used with permission.)

A review of Transactions of the Flesh


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“The package is beyond to-die-for, the stories will give you the experience of death without the finality.”

A fun and interesting review of Transactions of the Flesh, the anthology in tribute of JK Huysmans.

Here‘s more information and the TOC of the anthology.

(Image: The cover of Transactions of the Flesh, by Jonas Plöger.)

Images by Phil-Paul Lambert


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phil paul lambert restons zen

“Restons Zen” – by Phil-Paul Lambert.

One of my French friends on Twitter, Phil-Paul Lambert, takes images that are always beautiful and surprising.

The area where Phil-Paul lives is currently flooding. He simply calls it “un peu d’eau” (“A little water”). These are some of Phil-Paul’s photos of the flood.

Used with kind permission from Phil-Paul Lambert. Merci beaucoup de m’avoir permis de publier vos photos ici!

phil paul lambert 2

“Lignes de flottaison”- by Phil-Paul Lambert.

phil paul lambert Ciel tombé en crue

“Ciel tombé en crue” – by Phil-Paul Lambert.

phil paul lambert - Résistances

“Résistances” – by Phil-Paul Lambert.

Satori – illustrated early work


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A few years ago a young Norwegian artist named Einar Bratli generously made a comic book version of one of my early short stories, Satori.

Einar posted the panels of the story in his blog. (Click on the page itself to see the fifth and last panel, not the image sequence.)

Check out Einar’s other comic book art.

There is also the illustrated version of What Girls Really Think, a short story that was published as a miniature chapbook by Brian Warfield’s Turtleneck Press in 2011.

(Illustration by Einar Bratli)


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