Midsummer Murders read by Georgia Bellas


In August Wyvern Lit published Midsummer Murders, my homage to the TV series with the (almost) same name.

Now Georgia Bellas has read and featured the story (along with a tale by Kelly Link) in her podcast, Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon/The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals.

Go check out the two stories!

Thank you so much to Georgia for featuring my story and for creating a great audio version of it!

(Image: Stockcross Church by Tim Thomas)

The Humanity of Monsters Partial ToC

Originally posted on Michael Matheson | A Dark and Terrible Beauty:

Yes, I know. All I do these days is tease partial ToCs….

But it was pointed out to me yesterday that as I’m allowing the contributors to The Humanity of Monsters (ChiZine Publications, November 2015) who’ve completed their reprint contracts to share news of their sales, I could also post the names of those writers and their stories here as well (and figured I would also toss in anyone else who’s mentioned the sale on their end).

Which, actually, seems like a rather excellent idea. And, let’s be honest about this, I do love to tease where anthologies are concerned :)

Though I’ve not talked much about The Humanity of Monsters up until now, except to note occasionally in various places online that I was putting the book together, it’s been a long time coming. It’s a passion project, really. One that, as I have been saying to…

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Sovetskoye Shampanskoye in W.W. Norton’s Flash Fiction International

Flash Fiction Intl_FINAL.indd

Sovetskoye Shampanskoye, a flash story first published by SmokeLong Quarterly, will appear in W.W. Norton’s anthology Flash Fiction International!

The TOC includes Israeli short story writer Etgar Keret, Zimbabwean writer Petina Gappah, Korean screenwriter Kim Young-ha, Nobel Prize winner Czeslaw Milosz, and Argentinian “Queen of the Microstory” Ana María Shua!

Thank you so much to the editors for selecting the story, to SmokeLong for publishing it first, and to writer Ethel Rohan for recommending it!

Natura Dominatur – or: How the Arctic Gets Under Your Skin


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“People tend react to Svalbard in two ways,” Joe, our guide, said. “They either love it and want to stay for as long as possible, or they can’t handle it and leave after a few days. The Arctic has a way of getting under your skin.”

Natura Dominatur – or: How the Arctic Gets Under Your Skin

my travel essay from Svalbard, is now up at Litro!

Thank you so much to the editors for sharing a bit of the journey!

More pictures here.

(Image: The Nordenskiöld Glacier on Svalbard, by Berit Ellingsen)

Midsummer Murders – in Wyvern Lit!


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“The fields and meadows gleam in the sun, nestle winding roads between generous hedgerows and gentle hills. They are green and lush even in winter, then only the trees must shed their leaves.”

Midsummer Murders – a homage to the British crime series Midsomer Murders, one of my favorite tv shows, is now out in Wyvern Lit!

Thank you so much to editor Brent Rydin for taking the case.

Check also out the other stories, by Robert James Russell, Kathryn Trattner, Joyce Chong, Daniel DiFranco, and more!

(Image: Stockcross Church by Tim Thomas.)


Reviews of The Apex Book of World SF 3




Collecting some reviews of the Apex Book of World SF 3 here.

“Instead of a mission of Russians and Belgians and Americans, they become human beings all dancing with joy to be standing on another planet.”

- The Little Red Reviewer

“… Fun and lighthearted, but still strangely powerful, making this my #1 story in the anthology…”

Red Reader Reviews

(Image: ATV docking with the International Space Station – NASA/ESA)


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