Selected Stories

High and Low in the Anthropocene – an essay about a glass tower, the anthropocene, and me. Published in Chicago Review of Books’ sister magazine Arcturus.

Meet Me At The Fountain In Caras Galadhon – a virtual journey. Nominated for Best of the Net by Atticus Review.

Midsummer Murders – a homage to the TV series Midsomer Murders – in Wyvern Lit. Read here by Georgia Bellas.

Natura Dominatur – or: How the Arctic Gets Under Your Skin – a visit to the northernmost abandoned town – in Litro Magazine’s Blog.

Towards a Virtual Terroir: Architecture and Games – in games, architecture is more than buildings – in Litro Magazine’s Blog.

Grains of Sand in Blue Fifth Review Winter 2014 – excerpt from the new novel – Not Dark Yet.

Vessel and Solsvart – a fairy tale of decay – in Birkensnake 6.

Isabelle’s Pictures in ESC. A collaboration with French philosopher, writer and photographer Isabelle Pariente-Butterlin.

The Love Decay Has for the Living in Unstuck #2. (Only in print so far.)

The White (Dans le Blanc) in Weird Fiction Review. A storm in Antarctica.

Dans le Blanc (The White) in’s Ouvrez series.

Sexual Dimorphism — A Nightmare Transcribed From Sanskrit – in Elimae.

Poison Ore Heart in Everyday Genius. “We wrung the air and the water and the soil like a rag.”

Sovetskoye Shampanskoye in Smokelong Quarterly. Soviet Champagne.

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