Cover and ToC of Blacksun Lit’s Ennui issue

black sun ennui

Here is the cover and ToC of Black Sun Lit‘s forthcoming print issue Vestiges_02: Ennui – Boredom As A Luxury.

I’m very happy to have an essay in this special issue dedicated to a theme I like a lot.

This special print issue will feature work by:
Brad Baumgartner, Donald Breckenridge, Patty Yumi Cottrell, Ashley David, Helmut Dosantos, Ian Dreiblatt, Berit Ellingsen, Ennio Flaiano (translated from Italian by Anton Ivanov), Daniel James Fraser, Frank Garrett, Adam Golaski, K. Thomas Kahn, Paul Kavanagh, Lital Khaikin, Jesse Kohn, Meghan Lamb, JD Larson, Evan Lavender-Smith, Eugene Lim, Friederike Mayröcker (translated from German by JD Larson), Adam McOmber, Iris Moulton, Elliott Niblock, Pierre Senges (translated from French by Jacob Siefring), Haley Hemenway Sledge, Matt Trease, John Trefry, and more.

Thank you so much to the editor for sharing the ennui with me.

The literary journal will be available this summer and can be preordered here.



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