Not Dark Yet included in Jeff VanderMeer’s StoryBundle

storybundleNot Dark Yet is now available as part of Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s StoryBundle, alongside books by Michael Cisco, Anna Tambour, Leena Krohn, Ann VanderMeer, Kay Holt, and Athena Andreadis.

Thank you so much Jeff for including Not Dark Yet in the StoryBundle for December 2015!

Here is more information about the StoryBundle:

“Ann and Jeff VanderMeer have created a ‘VanderMeer Winter Mix Tape’ of 10 handpicked books, including Berit Ellingsen’s new novel NOT DARK YET, for StoryBundle. You should definitely check this out.

In addition to Not Dark Yet, there’s also titles like the original anthology Bestiary, with new fiction from China Miéville, Catherynne M. Valente, and many others that can’t be bought in e-book form anywhere else. Anna Tambour’s World Fantasy Award-finalist novel Crandolin. German writer Eugen Egner’s screwball fantasy The Eisenberg Constant anywhere but through this Storybundle. Not to mention the just-released career-defining two-part behemoth that is Leena Krohn: Collected Fiction. Spanish Steampunk, feminist space adventure, and much more.

StoryBundle is a service where you pay what you want for DRM-free e-books.”

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