Interview with Edward J. Rathke in Enclave CCM


5: In the anti-terror squad of writers, what is your task or specialty?

Ha, I love this question and wish I had a good answer for it. I’d probably be the double agent, secretly waging guerilla warfare against the establishment and giving information and aid to the other literary rebels.

Either that or diplomat, trying to make peace between the many different factions.

I guess those are sort of contradictory, but that feels right to me.”

I was also fortunate enough to interview Edward J. Rathke, author of Twilight of the Wolves, Girl With Ears & Demon With Limp, and Noir – A Love Story, for Enclave, publisher and magazine Entropy-CCM’s blog.

Thank you so much to Edward for answering my questions about life, love, dust, and writing!

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