The Humanity of Monsters Final ToC

Michael Matheson | A Dark and Terrible Beauty

Posting this a little later in the day than I’d intended, but this is now finally going live.

First things first, the remaining three writers who have been added to the The Humanity of Monsters ToC since the last update I did to the list of contributors are: Catherynne M. Valente, Yoon Ha Lee, and Nathan Ballingrud.

With those three names added, the final count for stories in the anthology comes to 26, and once everything is written for the book (still pulling together the introduction, acknowledgements, and fiddling with the preliminary layout), the book will be close to 110,000 words. So a fair-sized book in the end. Especially when you consider that I’d originally only planned for about 18 stories. Making me very happy that I get to include this many stories in the anthology.

It also means the book gets to speak to a lightly wider scope than…

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