The Humanity of Monsters Partial ToC

Michael Matheson | A Dark and Terrible Beauty

Yes, I know. All I do these days is tease partial ToCs….

But it was pointed out to me yesterday that as I’m allowing the contributors to The Humanity of Monsters (ChiZine Publications, November 2015) who’ve completed their reprint contracts to share news of their sales, I could also post the names of those writers and their stories here as well (and figured I would also toss in anyone else who’s mentioned the sale on their end).

Which, actually, seems like a rather excellent idea. And, let’s be honest about this, I do love to tease where anthologies are concerned 🙂

Though I’ve not talked much about The Humanity of Monsters up until now, except to note occasionally in various places online that I was putting the book together, it’s been a long time coming. It’s a passion project, really. One that, as I have been saying to…

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