Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary – in Entropy Magazine

barad gularan

“A little after I joined my first guild, I met Mary. In game, Mary was a blonde female human, but in real life he was an adult male living somewhere in Britain. We met while doing a group quest, or was it while waiting at a camp for more players to join the group- I don’t remember exactly.”

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary is a 100% true story from the virtual worlds, now out in the awesome new magazine Entropy, a wild and heady mix of the literary and the avant garde as well as the film, game, and comics-related.

Thank you so much to the editors for listening to my tale of autobiographical fiction and not mind my totally unreliable narrator.

Check out all the cool articles they have up already!

Something tells me I will contribute more to this magazine.

(Image: Barad Gúlaran, Nan Gurth, Angmar.)

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