Summer Dusk, Winter Moon – in Transactions of the Flesh

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The short story Summer Dusk, Winter Moon is now out in Transactions of the Flesh, an anthology in tribute of French fin de siecle writer JK Huysmans, is now out and ready for shipping!

And it looks stunning, the very limited lettered edition was sold out before publication of this numbered edition.

More information below about the numbered edition and its contents.

To order, mail jonas @ buecherwelten . com

Here is more information from the publisher, Zagava Books:

In stock and shipping: “Transactions of the Flesh: A Homage to J-K Huysmans”, edited by D.P. Watt and Peter Holman.

Published by Zagava Books and Ex Occidente Press. (80 GBPs, including worldwide shipping)

Orders and inquiries:

Limited to 150 numbered copies, clothed in deluxe black-bluish Tsarina crushed silk (depending on the quality of the light, this stunning fabric adopts multiple colors/tints) custom die-cut front board, illustrated endpapers, silk book mark. (The lettered edition sold out before publication)

The content:

Pray to the God of Flux by Jonathan Wood
Ziegler against the World by John Howard
Towards Nature by Douglas Thompson
In Our Deep Vaulted Cell by Derek John
Summer Dusk, Winter Moon by Berit Ellingsen
Ash Sun, Rasberry Sky by Adam Golaski
Angel Head by Harold Billings
Starless Mornings Find Me Older by Peter Holman
An Expiatory Pessimism by Eugene Thacker
The Red Seed by Louis Marvick
Indescribable by M.O.N.
The Key to Jerusalem by Mark Valentine
Endgame Aesthete by Jeremy Reed
The Sulphur Remedy by Oliver Smith
Salammbo and the Zaimph of Tanit by Colin Insole
Again, the Granite, or A 21st Century Secret Experiment in Devastating Ennui by Charles Schneider
A Hive of Pain by D.P.Watt
Pierrot the Sceptic (1881) by Leon Hennique and J.-K- Huysmans
— with Harold Billings and 5 others.

(Images: The cover and page from the interior of Transactions of the Flesh, used by permission from Jonas Plöger)

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