Vessel and Solsvart – in Birkensnake 6!


“The new heat reaches us from the seeping marsh, the lichen-veiled trees, and our soft bedding of damp sphagnum moss. The water, which used to be as cool as a mallard’s feet, is now as warm as bat blood, the trunks that were hunched and slowly choked by vines have stretched like flowers in the sun, and the glistening purple earthworms that used to peek up through the moss are no longer here.”

Vessel and Solsvart – a story about an atrophied world – is now in Birkensnake 6! edited by Diana George and the late Hedy Zimra.

Many many thanks to editor Diana George for taking excellent care of this story!

Birkensnake 6 comes in a total of seven different versions, each with its own editors and theme. Among the editors are Brian Warfield and J.A. Tyler, and the other Birkensnake 6 versions have work by authors such as Matthew Salesses, Brandon Hobson, Cooper Renner, and many others.

There is also a print version of Birkensnake 6, but it can’t be purchased by money. To obtain it you must read an excerpt from the issue on one of the stops of the Birkensnake 6 tour.

But it will be well worth it! The stories in this very special publication are simply fantastic! Enjoy!

(Image: Unknown title – photo by Andrei Shumlin)

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