Interview in Wyrd Daze


“I’m trying to allow myself the time and techniques I need to shape this story into what seems most appropriate for it, without being too concerned about genre, sellability, appeal, and so on. I just want it to conform to its own vision and I’m letting it to do that.”

New interview in Wyrd Daze!

Wyrd Daze issue 1 includes a PDF zine, a podcast, a music compilation, an audio drama, stories, interviews, band presentations, and more!

Check out the cool black and white photographs, a very interesting article about haunted placed in England and their stories, and the complete list of FabergĂ©’s famous eggs.

Thank you so much to editor Leigh Wright for the interesting and fun interview questions and for putting the zine together!

(Image: Transparence, used by kind permission from Isabelle Pariente-Butterlin.)

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