Beneath the Liquid Skin – in Flash Frontier

Le monde est artificiel

How did Beneath the Liquid Skin get its title?

What’s the overarching theme in the collection?

Find out about that and more in this interview in Flash Frontier, along with interviews and excerpts from writers Latika Vasil, James Claffey, and Catherine McNamara!

Thank you so much for the interesting and fun questions, Michelle Elvy!

(Image: Le Monde est Artificiel, by Isabelle Pariente-Butterlin)

2 thoughts on “Beneath the Liquid Skin – in Flash Frontier

  1. Interesting, informative interview, Berit. (Oooh, inadvertent alliteration!) I particularly liked the paragraph beginning “Our generation is the first that is truly aware that we are making our planet’s environments less habitable”, and the first line of your last paragraph before the excerpt. “…our destruction of the habitability of the planet is also caused by the narratives we tell ourselves about what we are and what we need in our lives.” So true.

    1. So glad to hear that you know what I mean, Chris! It’s very sad things are not changing faster, I think. But change always seems to be difficult. Thank you so much for reading the interview and commenting on it!

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