The White listed in honor of Short Story Month 2013


The White has been included in Flash Fiction Chronicles’ list of stories in honor of Short Story Month 2013!

Very happy and honored to be on this list which features work from awesome writers such as Kathy Fish, Ethel Rohan, Susan Tepper, Tara Laskowski, Robert Vaughn, Christopher Allen, Matt Potter, WF Lantry, Julia Yeager-Archer, Jen Knox, Sarah Lippman, Beate Sigriddaughter, Ursula Villarreal-Moura, George Saunders, Franz Kafka, Alice Munro. and many others.

Thank you so much to the ever generous Yarrow Paisley for suggesting my story!

Go check out two of his awesome stories: Bone Hotel in 12 Stories and The Thirty Days of Bellesgrant and Zerxaquarius in Sein und Werden!

(Image used by kind permission from Laure Morali)

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