Blue Star, Singular Fire – in Gone Lawn 11


“The blue star is visible in the ceiling, as certain celestial bodies were in the burial chambers of the ancients. We go to sleep, watched over by warm walls and breathing beds. Our eyes and ears and hands reach for that star and move us there, through the quantum veil of time and space. Since our observations must be corroborated, we are three.”

Blue Star, Singular Fire is online in issue 11 of Gone Lawn, guest edited by the generous Yarrow Paisley, with work by Robert Vaughan, Nicolette Wong, Zack Wentz, Graham Tugwell, E. Catherine Tobler and many others. Check it out!

Thank you very much to guest editor Yarrow Paisley for gazing at the blue stars with me!

(Image: The Carina Nebula, seen by the ESO VLT Telescope.)

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