Wearing a story for Safety Pin Review

A few weekends back I wore a story for Simon Jacob‘s lit mag of wearable fiction, Safety Pin Revew.

Their issue thirty-four was written by Chad Patton and worn by yours truly at a local food festival. Hope you will enjoy it!

My report as an SPR operative will appear later in the week.

(Image: Borgund Stave Church in Norway by Marianne…)

2 thoughts on “Wearing a story for Safety Pin Review

  1. Love Chad Patton’s story. (I left a comment on the SPR site, which is awaiting moderation.) Looking forward to your operative report.

    Did you eat anything interesting at the food festival where the photo was taken?

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

      I unfortunately did not buy anything at the food festival as it was either tables at the permanent quay side restaurants, tables in the restaurant or beer tents or food from the stands.

      The quay side restaurants are expensive, the restaurant tents were very crowded and the food from the various stands looked like it had been lying about for a bit too long.

      Also, huge crowds do not make for such a good eating experience. :/

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