Honorable Mentions in Best Horror of the Year list

I’m very surprised and delighted that my stories

The Ascent, in Candle in the Attic Window, the anthology of Gothic stories, and

Still Life of Hypnos, in Sein und Werden’s Wunderkammer issue,

received an honorable mention in the list for the Best Horror of the Year volume 4 anthology.

The stories have been read by Ellen Datlow, one of the most experienced and respected editors in speculative fiction today.

Thank you very much to Ms. Datlow for the honorable mention!

Warm congratulations to my fellow writers Paul Jessup, Kristine Ong Muslim, Amanda C. Davis, Damien C. Grintalis and Graham Tugwell, who also received an honorable mention!

15 thoughts on “Honorable Mentions in Best Horror of the Year list

  1. Wow! Look at THAT! Congratulations! Really looking forward to reading these. You’re on a roll baby!

  2. Congrats, Berit! That’s awesome news. I’ve been meaning to check out Candle in the Attic Window, so this is extra incentive for me.

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂

      And hope you will enjoy Candle in the Attic Window. Paul Jessup’s Stone Dogs in the antho is fantastic. Christine Danse’s story is a lot of fun too!

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