Author introduction for Rocket Science

Ian Sales, the editor of hard science fiction anthology Rocket Science, has done a great job blogging about the work with the anthology and the authors that have been included.

This is his introduction to my story Dancing on the Red Planet:

“Berit Ellingsen’s story is one of three in Rocket Science about a mission to Mars. It didn’t surprise me that the Red Planet proved such a popular location for submissions, but Berit’s story did manage to surprise me in other ways.”

Here’s the rest of the introduction and a little more about Dancing on the Red Planet.

Thank you very much for including my story in this “must-submit-to”-anthology, Ian, and thank you very much for making us all feel like genuine rocket scientists!

2 thoughts on “Author introduction for Rocket Science

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂

      Tried to humanize the mission to Mars story, as the human factor might be the most important in such a long mission, despite the technological and scientific challenges.

      It always comes down to the people.

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