Zizek Press Suggests Boyfriend and Shark

High-octane publisher Zizek Press suggests my story Boyfriend and Shark in Coffinmouth on their website:

“Sometimes Michael wished Brandon would have an aneurism of the brain stem and become locked inside his own body. Then Brandon would be paralyzed in bed, unable to move anything but his eyes. He’d take care of Brandon, every day, every night.

The skin beneath Michael was cold and wet and smelled of ocean. What the hell? He jerked back and fumbled for the lamp on the bedstand.

There was a shark in his bed! A real shark! With dark back and white belly and blacktipped fins, just like in the nature shows on TV. Michael screamed. He was on his feet, up against the bedroom wall, hand over his mouth.”

Thank you very much for the kind mention, Zizek Press!

Even New Weird writer Jeff Vandermeer liked the story!

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