Summer Dusk, Winter Moon – in Transactions of the Flesh


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The short story Summer Dusk, Winter Moon is now out in Transactions of the Flesh, an anthology in tribute of French fin de siecle writer JK Huysmans, is now out and ready for shipping!

And it looks stunning, the very limited lettered edition was sold out before publication of this numbered edition.

More information below about the numbered edition and its contents.

To order, mail jonas @ buecherwelten . com

Here is more information from the publisher, Zagava Books:

In stock and shipping: “Transactions of the Flesh: A Homage to J-K Huysmans”, edited by D.P. Watt and Peter Holman.

Published by Zagava Books and Ex Occidente Press. (80 GBPs, including worldwide shipping)

Orders and inquiries:

Limited to 150 numbered copies, clothed in deluxe black-bluish Tsarina crushed silk (depending on the quality of the light, this stunning fabric adopts multiple colors/tints) custom die-cut front board, illustrated endpapers, silk book mark. (The lettered edition sold out before publication)

The content:

Pray to the God of Flux by Jonathan Wood
Ziegler against the World by John Howard
Towards Nature by Douglas Thompson
In Our Deep Vaulted Cell by Derek John
Summer Dusk, Winter Moon by Berit Ellingsen
Ash Sun, Rasberry Sky by Adam Golaski
Angel Head by Harold Billings
Starless Mornings Find Me Older by Peter Holman
An Expiatory Pessimism by Eugene Thacker
The Red Seed by Louis Marvick
Indescribable by M.O.N.
The Key to Jerusalem by Mark Valentine
Endgame Aesthete by Jeremy Reed
The Sulphur Remedy by Oliver Smith
Salammbo and the Zaimph of Tanit by Colin Insole
Again, the Granite, or A 21st Century Secret Experiment in Devastating Ennui by Charles Schneider
A Hive of Pain by D.P.Watt
Pierrot the Sceptic (1881) by Leon Hennique and J.-K- Huysmans
— with Harold Billings and 5 others.

(Images: The cover and page from the interior of Transactions of the Flesh, used by permission from Jonas Plöger)

Interview in Women Writers


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“Multiculturalism affects me first and foremost in that I write in a language that is not the first language of the country I live in.”

An interview about multiculturalism and writing in another language than your first, on the website for and about women writers, Books by Women.

Thank you so much for the interview and the very interesting question about multiculturalism and writing to editor Barbara B.!

(Image: Une Ville Vide in the Loire Valley, used by kind permission from Anh Mat)

Chie and Weng review The Empty City


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A new review of The Empty City is in Chie and Weng’s Book Blog!

Chie and Weng are writer Rochita Loenen-Ruiz and her sister Rowena C. Ruiz’ book blog, and has reviews, interviews and commentaries to many books.

Thank you so much Chie and Weng for reading and reviewing The Empty City!

Check out Rochita Loenen-Ruiz’ great story about hunting for urban myths in the Phillipines: Of the Liwat’Ang Yawa and the Litok-litok and their Prey.

(Image used by kind permission from writer Laure Morali)

JK Huysmans tribute Transactions of the Flesh


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a rebours

Transactions of the Flesh is Ex Occidente Press’ tribute to French author Joris-Karl Huysmans (1848-1907).

The book features stories by JK Huysmans, Mark Valentine, Jonathan Wood, Jeremy Reed, Adam Golaski, DP Watts, and many others, as well as myself.

The anthology can now be pre-ordered and comes in two beautiful versions, deluxe lettered exemplars and numbered exemplars.

The deluxe lettered exemplars will have

- black cover adorned with a full-size blind embossed facsimile of Huysmans’ hand-writing, visible through die cut spy hole
- photographic endpapers showing Huysmans through a monocle embedded in the round die-cut
- black edges
- black silk ribbon with a loop of Husymans’ facsimile signature printed on in gold.
- gilt title to spine
- 5 raised bands

The numbered exemplars will have

- black Tsarina cloth
- die-cut hole
- photographic endpapers showing a facsimile of Huysmans’ handwriting, visible through spy hole.
- black silk ribbon with a loop of Husymans’ facsimile signature printed on it in gold!
- gilt title to spine.

Both versions of the book have free shipping and can be preordered from Zagava Books and Jonas Ploeger by emailing books AT zagava DOT de.

(Image: Illustration to the 1931 version of JK Huysmans novel Á Rebours, via Wikimedia Commons.)

Among the Living and the Dead – a Gothic story


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“He was almost dead. His eyes had sunk into the skull and his nose looked like it had been pinched shut. The skin was ashen and stretched taut over the cheekbones. I couldn’t tell how old he was, perhaps my age, or a little younger. There was the hush and chill in the room that always accompanies someone’s last hours. But for now he was alive.”

Among the Living and the Dead – is now in the most recent issue of New Dead Families!

Thank you so much to editor Zack Wentz for (g)hosting this story!

Also, check out the music video by his band (Charles)Book&Record!

(Image: “This Way Up” (taken in South Tyrol, Italy) used by kind permission from photographer Phrasikleia Epoiesen.)

Vessel and Solsvart – in Birkensnake 6!


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“The new heat reaches us from the seeping marsh, the lichen-veiled trees, and our soft bedding of damp sphagnum moss. The water, which used to be as cool as a mallard’s feet, is now as warm as bat blood, the trunks that were hunched and slowly choked by vines have stretched like flowers in the sun, and the glistening purple earthworms that used to peek up through the moss are no longer here.”

Vessel and Solsvart – a story about an atrophied world – is now in Birkensnake 6! edited by Diana George and the late Hedy Zimra.

Many many thanks to editor Diana George for taking excellent care of this story!

Birkensnake 6 comes in a total of seven different versions, each with its own editors and theme. Among the editors are Brian Warfield and J.A. Tyler, and the other Birkensnake 6 versions have work by authors such as Matthew Salesses, Brandon Hobson, Cooper Renner, and many others.

There is also a print version of Birkensnake 6, but it can’t be purchased by money. To obtain it you must read an excerpt from the issue on one of the stops of the Birkensnake 6 tour.

But it will be well worth it! The stories in this very special publication are simply fantastic! Enjoy!

(Image: Unknown title – photo by Andrei Shumlin)

Interview in Wyrd Daze


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“I’m trying to allow myself the time and techniques I need to shape this story into what seems most appropriate for it, without being too concerned about genre, sellability, appeal, and so on. I just want it to conform to its own vision and I’m letting it to do that.”

New interview in Wyrd Daze!

Wyrd Daze issue 1 includes a PDF zine, a podcast, a music compilation, an audio drama, stories, interviews, band presentations, and more!

Check out the cool black and white photographs, a very interesting article about haunted placed in England and their stories, and the complete list of Fabergé’s famous eggs.

Thank you so much to editor Leigh Wright for the interesting and fun interview questions and for putting the zine together!

(Image: Transparence, used by kind permission from Isabelle Pariente-Butterlin.)

The landscapes of Mars


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Have to share this absolutely beautiful video from ESA, the European Space Organization, of the landscapes on Mars as seen by their orbiting probe Mars Express!

Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system, and Valles Marineris, the deepest canyon in the solar system, are among the landmarks featured in the video.

The end of the video also shows ice on cliffs and craters near the North Pole on Mars.

Jimin Han reads Beneath the Liquid Skin for HTMLGiant


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Nijenburg estate, Heiloo, Netherlands by Allard Schager

“I also discovered that Ellingsen is a compelling and extraordinary writer. Her story collection, Beneath the Liquid Skin is mesmerizing.”

Writer Jimin Han has read Beneath the Liquid Skin for HTMLGiant!

Thank you so much Jimin for trying out the collection, and to Janice Lee as well for inviting us to send in our books for review.

Check out Jimin Han’s beautiful and touching story The Neighbor – in The Good Men Project!

(Image: From Heiloo in the Netherlands, used by kind permission from photographer Allard Schager.)

Beneath the Liquid Skin – in Flash Frontier


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Le monde est artificiel

How did Beneath the Liquid Skin get its title?

What’s the overarching theme in the collection?

Find out about that and more in this interview in Flash Frontier, along with interviews and excerpts from writers Latika Vasil, James Claffey, and Catherine McNamara!

Thank you so much for the interesting and fun questions, Michelle Elvy!

(Image: Le Monde est Artificiel, by Isabelle Pariente-Butterlin)


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